Thursday, December 8, 2011

Anniversary #7 in September 2011

September brought Don & Michele's anniversary...this was #7!  I think since I could not spend a lot of time on Mark & Ginger's card in July, my psyche told me to go overboard for Don & Michele. . .LOL!

I was definitely thinking vintage as well.  I made the crossword puzzle in Microsoft Word, using a table with many tiny squares colored and not.  The word sheet behind the crossword is actually all the questions by number that relate to the actual crossword, which I made up and printed in Word as well.  I also placed the crossword, questions, and answer key (upside down) on a sheet of cream paper and enclosed in an envelope attached inside the card for them to complete on their anniversary...a tad easier than trying to figure anything out on the card front's crossword!  I found the vintage circus tickets online; they happened to be for a Sunday, their actual anniversary day ~ I was stoked!  But, they were the wrong color for my card color I put them in PaintShop Pro and changed the color to peach!  Lots of computer challenges...but lots of fun to do!  I love combining computer skills with cardmaking though I don't like make digital cards!  Somehow they don't have enough 3-dimensional layers to them.  I use the computer for the sentiments most of the time instead of stamps, for typing my poems and verses for the inside the cards, and for making my own script paper, things like the crossword, papers with words, etc.

(original inspiration from a card in a cardmaking magazine.  I should have written the information down at the time I thought I might make something like it to give the original author credit. . .I apologize for that lapse.)

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