Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Vintage 2012 Valentine for Mom!

It looks like Mom has been voted to get a vintage card for Valentine's Day.  I don't know that she prefers the vintage style, but for some reason when I think about making her a card, I think vintage.  This one will be a little more frivolous, as I plan to incorporate a little Copic-colored mouse as well.
I had this lovely piece of saffron embossed paper with scalloped outer edges.  I think these papers are really meant to be used in scrapbooking because then you could use the piece as a whole.  But I decided to fussy cut out the left corner and layer it onto a card.  I chose pinks, saffron, and browns as my paper colors to work with.  So, I began to color my little mouse to fit with these papers.  I've decided coloring animal fur is challenging, but I final got him to where I was satisfied.  I then fussy-cut him out, because I didn't want him to hide most of the saffron embossed paper, which would be directly behind him.  I worked long and hard with the saffron paper and little mouse to get them positioned so I like the way they sat, and then decided a little machine stitching might add.  Out came the machine to stitch before assembly began.  Mom's little mouse card will go out in the mail immediately so she gets it before Valentine's Day.

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