Monday, January 2, 2012

And My Journey Continues...!

I have been making cards for two full years now, and I still feel like I have not found my own personal style.  I think this because I like a lot of styles from whimsical to vintage, but maybe, it is a forever evolving process, and eventually I will find myself sticking to one style only.  I wonder though, as I like variety and doing something different all the time; otherwise, one can tend to become bored.

I still feel very much the novice, especially when I visit other blogs and see what wonderful things others are creating!  This is a very stressful thing, creating a blog to share my work!  I am definitely a little shy about doing's taken me over two years to even contemplate such a thing!  But, as you can see, if I'm going to do, I do it thoroughly...that's for sure my style!

This post brings an end to my blog journey of my cardmaking history 2009 to present, and...I am ALL up to-date!  This journey of making my blog has caused me to revisit my cardmaking memories and realize not only what a fun and interesting a process it has been, but how much I have learned and how much more I have to learn!  It isn't only the cardmaking that's been fun and interesting, but the wonderful people and friends I have met and made along the way.  So many have been willing to take time to share and teach me things I didn't know.  Thank you everyone, and a special thanks to my sister, Heidi (My Lil' Scrap Corner), who will always be my mentor, my sister, and my friend...Love you, Sis!

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