Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Papercrafting Journey Begins!

This is a new adventure...I am trying to start a blog for my papercrafting, particularly cardmaking, but who knows what else I might include in the future!  Several cardmaking friends, including my sister, who has been a crafter for many, many years, a scrapbook store owner, and my cardmaking mentor, kept telling me I should definitely start a cardmaking blog.

When I started making cards almost two years ago now, my sister also told me that I needed to come up with a personal logo to sign the back of my cards so that people would know who made the card.  I pondered this advise for a few days and realized I had already come up with my "crafting" name about two years previous, and here is the story.

I have always been a seamstress all of my life, though I do not sew like I used to, but I became interested in making some crafty sweatshirt jackets with patch pockets in a collage of patterns.  I made several for myself, and family and friends starting asking if I could make one for them.  Thus, my gifts for everyone near and dear to me became a sweatshirt jacket.  After the first few, I decided I needed to add a label representing myself, the seamstress, and thus was born my lovely black with turquoise embroidered Chatterbox Creations label.  I came up with this idea for my craft name from a nickname that my high school friends gave me one day based on my maiden name, Chatfield.  They thought it fit me to a tee.  I guess, I was (am??) somewhat of a chatterbox when around friends; otherwise, I could and can be pretty shy and quiet.  

I developed a Created by Chatterbox Creations logo for my cards and computerized it to make label stickers to adhere to the back of my cards.  Much to my dismay, about a year ago, I found there was a Chatterbox craft company, as I see papers mentioned every now and then made by Chatterbox, but when I Google it, I can't seem to find a business.  But, I claim longevity on the name for over 50 years!  Well enough of this chatter, I need to get back to business!

So, about starting this blog. . .after trying to get my blog set up, I found I have much to learn about how this blogging process works!!  I'm usually pretty computer savvy, so I had hoped it would go smoothly. . .that it would be user-friendly, quick, and easy.  So far, this seems not to be so!  I find it extremely funny that to build this blog on Blogspot sponsored by Google, I had to do Google searches to find things I didn't understand from their directions, which seemed to be a bit cryptic, to say the least!  But, I SHALL persevere!

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