Friday, June 8, 2012

Graduation Owl Contratulations!

Very late last night, my son contacted me with a brilliant idea (he knows I'm a night owl, LOL).   But, the catch was he needed help with his idea!  Hmm...the question is, should I say yes or no, which is the right answer!  Dumb me, I just don't know how to say no!  Lo and was a graduation card needed for the daughter of an old friend.  The catch was he needed it by 8:00 a.m. the next morning because that was when they were leaving for Idaho for the graduation.  Guess who was up all night getting this wonderful card done...but, I am really happy with how my little graduation owl turned out:

Your welcome, son!

And, here is the card's decorated inside with verse:


  1. Absolutely Adorable Sister Dear! sometime the best are the late nighters or the spur of the moments, when you haven't had time to think (too hard!) :)

  2. Wow Carlene !!! This card is do awesome!!! You ate a card pro :-)

  3. I consider you two the pros who inspired me in my early days of being a really baby cardmaker...I could barely roll over! Two of the first I knew who made cards. Thanks for the give me hope...I'll get there? LOL!

  4. OK so I tried to leave that comment from my i-phone apparently, it decided to spell things differently lol!! Sorry about that! I will add you to my fav and come visit often Carlene! And thanks for letting me know you have a blog sweetie!


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