Sunday, July 22, 2012

An Anniversary in the family!

A wonderful couple, my son, Mark, and his beautiful wife, Ginger, celebrate their sixth anniversary on July 22!  Wow, how time flies.  Today is a cool gray day in the Seattle area, but remembering back to their outdoor wedding, brings the vivid memory of an unheard of 95 degree day, full of blistering heat and lots of sunshine!  For their anniversary, I had to make a card meant just for them, and as they have three birds, a birdcage seemed just the thing!   For these two special people in my life, and in my usual cardmaking fashion, I decorated the inside with matching papers and a unique verse!  And, here is their card: 

A very Happy Anniversary, Mark & Ginger.  We love you!

I was asked to see the inside decoration/ verses.  Very easy, using front papers, computer for verse, and Spellbinders here it is:


  1. Very beautiful card! Where's a picture of the inside? :-) I dont think I've ever decorated the inside of a card. Always in a hurry but would like to see your crafty work :-) When are you coming for a visit? Did you check out Marianne's die cuts yet?

  2. I added the inside pic...this one not very elaborate...simple with my thoughts into the verse with the computer. Be down in late September, October, and early November home.

  3. Hi Sister Dear-

    Love this! Wow-where did those 6 years go? Hard to believe, Adam and Danielle just celebrated their 6 years too (June and remember it was 120 degrees that day here in N. California) LOL-don't miss that heat! I bet they loved this card-suits them perfectly!
    Luv ya-sis and can't wait for you to get here, so we can scrap away our time together! :)


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