Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mother's Day!

I was able to be in California to celebrate Mother's Day with my Mom and my sister, Heidi.  We had a lovely early dinner out with the three of us and my sister's husband.  Mom and I finished off the evening playing Mexican Train, and I actually won!  My mother is a master at most card and board games so to actually win is certainly a novelty!  But, win or lose, we don't care, we just enjoy the camaraderie of playing the game and gabbing as we go.

While we were in Mt. Shasta on our family crop retreat-vacation in April, I brought my "To Do" stash along. . .it could keep me busy for several weeks for sure!  I had joined Becca Feeken's Amazing Paper Grace monthly kit group back in September 2012.  I had kits from the beginning through February that I had not even started on ~ shame on me.  I was determined to catch up and finish some, and I did.  My mother fell in love with one I was making while there.  I had no intention of giving it to her, because I would not make one in front of her that she could see if I was actually going to give to her.  She kept "oohing and aahing" because she REALLY loved it, so I decided after the fact, that it would be her Mother's Day card.  I generated a computer verse to fit the inside diamond created by another set of filigree die cuts like those that grace the front.  

This was a lovely design that Becca Feeken came up with as one of the four projects in the October 2012 kit.  This card was quite a challenge because the dies are so intricate and there were 12 of them to deal with!!  They did not cut or punch out unless you used wax paper on each die cut.  That little trick certainly helps a LOT!

I apologize for the picture focus.  I did not have my scanner in California, so I resorted to taking a picture with my cell phone.  It is not one of the "new" phones with all the bells and whistles; thus, the pictures are not the best, but I think you get the general idea of how pretty this card really is.

A note to my dear readers and friends:  I will be out of commission for a bit as I make my return travels to home in Washington.  Then, I will have loads of stuff to sort, unpack, and put away, not to mention, oodles of stuff to catch up on of those mundane chores of everyday life: laundry, house cleaning, yard work, etc.  See you when I get back to catching up with my blog.

Recipe: Amazing Grace kit, Neenah White Cardstock 80#, Spellbinder dies, Button w-round pearl center, pearl stick pin, flat-bottom pearls, Prima mini roses, white seam binding ribbon, Beeca Feeken bowmaker.

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