Sunday, April 28, 2013

Family Scrapping Retreat #2

If you follow my blog, you know that I make two long trips to California to visit my mother and my sister in Redding, California.  Of course since I am a "wuss" when it comes to hot weather (over 80 degrees), I try to make my trips in the early spring and fall each year!  My purpose is not only to catch up and have fun doing "girl" stuff, but to spend time making papercrafts with my two favorite ladies.  

I think that we have established a family tradition, in that we like to take a trip away together to do all of the above.  With that in mind, we decided the Mt. Shasta area would be our destination and picked "Cold Creek Cabin" for our lodging.  Everything about the house was perfect, except I would have like to be out a little further out in the "country," as we only 4 blocks from the downtown area.  The woodsy pictures were a bit deceiving with its little creek in the backyard.  I included a few pictures of our little house, which I'd like to pick up and move to the actual woods a mile or so outside Mt. Shasta City (a little town of about 3,400 people).

But, we did have a week full of fun cropping, staying up all hours, sleeping in, shopping at local boutiques, going to the movies, playing Mexican Train, laughing, and just plain gabbing!  We even enjoyed some eventful weather with heavy winds stirring the old-growth cedars surrounding the house and a day or two of light snow that didn't really have a chance to stick with the sun peeping in and out!

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