Monday, September 30, 2013

Thank Yous Are in Order!

I went to another of Liz Thayer's wonderful cardmaking events a few weeks ago.  It was called a Card Buffet, and this one had a little different slant.  There were 20 cards to pick from that you could make within the time frame of the cropping event all designed by Liz.  As everyone attending was a seasoned cardmaker, there was no instructions only the sample cards available to look at for assembly.  There was a set price for the first three cards and each card thereafter only increased your price by $1.00!  Now THAT is a bargain!  Of course, I wanted to make all 20, but unfortunately, I could only fit five in during the 3-hour period that we had.  But, Liz assured us that in the October Card Buffet coming soon, we would have another chance at those we missed, plus there would be some new additions as well!

I wanted to send a little thank you to both Liz for all of her hard work designing and making our sample cards and to Trish, who opened up her home for this event.  We surely appreciate Trish (and her husband) for allowing us to come in and invade their space, messing it up with lots of paper scraps and pieces that you know ended up on the floor instead of the wastebasket! 

As I was already running late getting cards mailed, I had no time to come up with a brand new design and make cards from scratch.  So, I dug into my stash to see what was there.  I came up with two cards from a set that I made during the first few months that I started to make cards!  I always loved these cards and especially the paper with the little soft glitter added to the backgrounds. They were perfect for what I had in mind.  I did a little re-do on the sentiment for one to fit the occasion better and created an inside design for each to coordinate with the outside.  I also switched out embellishments on the outside to pearls on one and totally added them to the other so that I could use complimentary pearls on the inside!  AND, drum roll. . .I actually made the "hello friend" card a bit shorter so that my pink scallop trim would fit on the inside better.  (For those of you who read my blog. . .I am always changing card kits I buy, and one of the things I most often do is to make the card larger. . .but not this time!  LOL.  I was pretty happy with the end results. 


This one is for Liz.  I hope she likes my little thank you card and her Starbuck's liquid refreshment!

This one is for Trish.  I hope she also likes my little thank you card and her Starbuck's liquid refreshment!

(Credit and thanks to my sister, Heidi Gonzales - My Lil' Scrap Corner ( for the class where she taught me how to make these very first cardmaking class!)

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