Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Wonderful 4th of July!

My long-time neighbors have been having 4th of July picnics for many years since our children became adults.  That sounds a little strange, but it is because their son loves to purchase wonderful fireworks with huge displays to share with all of us and family who are invited.  It is a potluck kind of day with lots of great people to visit and kibitz the day away!

I took a few photos of some of Derrick's massive 45-minute fireworks display.  I do not have one of those wonderful Smartphone with wonderful cameras...my Smartphone is one of the earlier versions and takes adequate photos for my blog, but does do as well with people photos or ones you have to take quick to get a great shot.  But, this will at least give you a flavor of how great the fireworks display is!

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