Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthday 2011: An Aunt is 90!

My husband's Aunt Joanie was 90 in June 2011!  I must say, my husband's family has long-living genes on both his mother and his fathers side of the family. . .at least for the women!  Aunt Joanie is his father's sister and she lives in the Midwest.  Her son and daughter wanted to shower her with cards by having as many friends and family send her cards as possible.  I am sure she will receive over 50 or more for sure as my husband's family is quite large!

I decided vintage was definitely the way to go for this lovely vintage lady.  I had a favor I wanted from her son before I got started.  I asked him to send me an email listing as many of Aunt Joanie's favorite things or hobbies and that she enjoyed throughout her lifetime.  When he told me she loved to dance and that she and her husband often went dancing in the 1940s and 1950s especially, I knew I had my theme.  I searched on line for vintage colored images of couples dancing and found just the right one.  Here is the card I created from the information and the image on hand.


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