Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sister-in-Law's June 2011 Birthday

My sister-in-law, Thelma, has a birthday in June, but I just missed it.  She is my husband's youngest brother's wife.  Since I am really getting into this hobby of cardmaking, I thought I would like to send Thelma one of my homemade cards.  I had quite a stash of cards built up by now and in looking through them, I found just the one that I wanted to send to Thelma, because it suited her and the fact that the card was a belated birthday wish.  I also knew I could not start from scratch and make one right then that I thought would suit her any better.

So, Thelma got one of my woodless-colored pencil little girls who seems to be standing there with a flower for peace-offering because she is late getting her birthday wishes off.  I love this little girl image with her wispy little red hair and her jaunty little flowered hat.  We called Thelma on her birthday to wish her good wishes, so I know Thelma knows we were thinking of her.  But, this little card will remind her that it is true!

 (Heidi Gonzales - My Lil' Scrap Corner  design: enlarged and modified)

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