Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Daughter-in-Law Copic Birthday Card

By July and August, I was really getting into this now Copic coloring.  Ginger, my daughter-in-law, was going to get a little Magnolia stamped card colored in Copics just as everyone seemed to be getting.  This little girl was sitting on a humongous cupcake with fluffy white frosting made with Flower Soft.  You are going to love her little yellow boots with cherries printed all over.  I also thought I would try something a little more difficult and use black for her hair.  It was not perfect, but for my first attempt at this difficult blending job. . .not too bad.  (I was getting braver after attempting my sister's little pinafore girls in purples. . .another difficult color to blend.)  My little cupcake girl was all done and was ready to be delivered to Ginger's door with her birthday gift.

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