Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday 2011 for Daughter Dear!

I'm was REALLY enjoy making those vintage cards about the time my daughter's birthday rolled around in June of 2011.  As I'd said previously, I think I love the nostalgia of it all...a reminder of a simple time and place.

As I was searching for vintage images for John's aunts card earlier in the month of June, I came across one with a purse full of Forget-Me-Nots that I absolute loved.  My daughter has always liked this weed as her Dad calls them.  We have them growing and increasing on the bank in the front yard, and he is not happy about that.  He is threatening to go out and use RoundUp on them.  I actually like them during the several months they are in bloom, but they are rather stringy when finished. . .so I understand his point of view as well.  But, thinking of them when in beautiful, blue blooming abundance, which they were at the time I made my daughter this card, it gave me inspiration, I think.  I know she will truly enjoy her card and may even see a little humor in it.

And, I made this little poem for her inside verse letting her know how much she is thought of and loved each and every day of the year.

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