Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A 2011 Valentine for the Female Gender in the Family!

I started with a card for my mother and after making it, I decided I like it so well I would make another and give one to my mother-in-law too.  I loved this paper that was flocked and had glitter as well.  This card's design is what would be called a "clean and simple" card currently.  I found the foam-glittered hearts at my local craft store and loved their puffy look.  My "Moms" appreciated being remember on Valentine's Day.

With my next card, I tried using the sandable cardstock and a peek-a-boo heart that showed the little verse on the inside of the card.  This card is for my daughter, Michele, and her husband.  I hoped it wasn't too feminine for Don, but Michele said she needs to receive a card once in a while that doesn't focus on Don.  I thought that was a good idea. . .if it is a joint card, one time it will be more feminine and the next one will be toward the masculine slant.  Seems fair, and here is their card.

My final card is for my youngest daughter, Jackie.  I was able to cut loose on the feminine side and decided to try the vintage look on her card.  I had been admiring vintage cards with doilies.  I found this lovely vintage lady on some paper that I had in my stash and fell in love with her.  Using two red heart doilies, I created this card:

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