Friday, August 26, 2011

A 2011 Valentine for Each of My Two Sons

On a roll with masculine Valentine cards, I thought I should attempt those I needed to make for my sons, David and Mark.  

Because I had this idea of threading a ribbon through the sentiment, David did get a ribbon and bow.  After finishing the card, I came to the conclusion that I could have used a fishtail knotted ribbon instead of a bow, but that just didn't come to mind until I was all done. . .so a bow he got!  I liked his card even with the "prissy" bow, but at least it was black!

My next card was for my son, Mark, and his wife, Ginger.  Because he has a wife, I figured I could fudge on the totally masculine card, after all it is for her too!  Though you can't see it well, the hearts on the balloons have the letters that spell out LOVE U. 

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