Friday, August 17, 2012

Moving Day Came... -:)

My daughter has made her move and I am already missing her!  I wanted to send her a special card about moving, settling in, and making her new house her home no matter how temporary.  I sound as though she needs help with this, but this is actually her fourth move to be where her husband's Coast Guard duty station has taken them.  The difference is that this move is across the country; whereas, her first three moves were all on the west coast either in Washington or at least within driving distance of not more than 7 hours!  So, maybe this card and what it says is more a reflection of knowing who she is and what she does each time they move!  I, of course, am already looking three years in the future for when she will return to Washington!

And, following are my thoughts for her and how I know she has handled being a military wife who has had to pick up and move...the process she goes through!

Dear Daughter:  I have named my card "An Ode to a Military Wife;" a fitting title for my message!  We miss you already and look forward to getting on a plane and making a visit soon.  The East Coast has some beautiful landscapes, and you will enjoy taking your 5th-Wheel out in search of the very best places!

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  1. Awww I will feel your pain daughter is moving to chico...and I realize its only an hour 1/2 and I also realize that its close to Paradise Scrapbook store (wink) but still I see her everyday and talk to her at least 5 times a day! So hard! I really do love your card Carlene!! You need to start submitting to challenges :-)


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