Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Kansas sister-in-law has a Birthday in 2012!

As you might expect, I have a sister-in-law with a birthday in August.  With eight sister-in-laws, there's got to be one almost every month of the year, though I do think I miss a few.  But, if I start making cards for brother-in-laws, I know I will certainly hit every month for sure!  I am trying to get better at sending birthday cards since I am now retired...my work has become cardmaking, LOL!  Do you ever think, "This is crazy, I'm stressing myself out because I have too many cards to make!  It's supposed to be fun...not work."  I find it kind of funny at times!  So, here is Joanie's card adapted and inspired by a card design by my sister, Heidi Gonzales (My Lil' Scrap Corner).

Happy Birthday Joanie...have a great one!


  1. Cute card Carlene!!! Ya know....my birthday was July 22nd...are you going to start making cards for friends too lol!!!! Just kidding :-)

  2. I'd have to really work at that for you...like the one I did not Heidi's bd on July 18. Did you see the pink and brown birdhouse card posted on July 18...made it and decided it was sister-worthy...but cost me a fortunate to mail...LOL!


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