Saturday, March 15, 2014

Traveling: Coming Closer!

On the final leg of our journey, we put in a 12-hour drive.  Typically, we drove from six and one-half to seven hours each day, but as we got such an early start on our final day, we decided to just come all the way rather than stop one more night.  

We really timed this journey just right.  The freeways were bare and dry most of the way with filtered sunshine to full sun, though cold and windy in the Midwest.  We did experience one night with a short snow fall overnight in Rapid City, South Dakota, but by mid-morning it was 38 degree weather, with filtered sun, and a well-tended I-90 roadway.  During the rest of the day, it continued to get sunnier, warmer, and greener as we traveled west.  It was a balmy mid-50's by the time we reach Idaho, and the scenery became more like home!  

Here are a few more pictures taken on this final leg of our travels:

Grand Tetons - Wyoming (from East side)

Last leg of Montana - approaching Idaho

Welcome to Idaho!

Welcome to Washington!

Passing Spokane, Washington

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