Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Travels Begin!

A few days ago, I flew back to Washington D.C. to meet my oldest daughter, Michele to keep her company on her drive cross-country to move home to Washington State from West Virginia because her husband is retiring from the Coast Guard after 26 years of service.  

After picking me up at Dulles International Airport, we are staying in Washington D.C. for a little four-day sightseeing trip, weather permitting.  We will visit some of the sites and museums in and around the city.  We are staying in a hotel, where all we have to do is buy a train ticket and speed away underground to arrive in the heart of D.C. in about 12 to 14 minutes.  The highlight of our trip will be a tour of the White House today, which Michele was able to set up with the help of her West Virginia senator.  I'm sure it helped that she was able to say that this was our only opportunity before she made her military move back to her home state of Washington with her husband military retirement after 26 years of Coast Guard service.  Whatever it took, we are delighted!

The White House - North Portico (considered entrance)

Entrance Hall

Family Staircase

Cross Hall (leaving Entrance)

The Library

The China Room

 The Vermeil Room

The East Room

The Green Room

 The Blue Room

The Red Room (Nancy Reagan's favorite)

The tour was self-guided, but there were Secret Service or historical guides in most rooms to give information and answer questions.  Several of the rooms had very thorough and interesting "guides," who gave lots of information without even being asked or prompted.

We did not get to see the Lincoln Bedroom, because it is located in the family private area along with all other bedrooms in the White House.  It was traditionally used several decades ago as a guest bedroom for visiting dignitaries until the use of Blair House became more commonplace.

Security to actually begin our White House tour was very thorough I must say.  We had to produce our identification for review and matching at three different Secret Service checkpoints, plus a "pathway" through a dog-sniffing area and into an airport-type screening device, with the very few things you could have on your person going though the machine scrutiny.  We were allowed wallet and car keys on our person only.  No water, lipstick, cosmetics, and the list goes on.  It's good to know they are that thorough!

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