Saturday, February 28, 2015

Missing You...Feel Better Soon!

My Mom, who is missing me because I did not make my fall trip to visit her because my husband had several medical procedures completed, including a bone fusion and knuckle replacement in his left hand.  He was in a cast for two months; therefore, needed a bit of help even unscrewing a lid from a jar.  I am also generally planning a trip down to California to visit her in the near future, but because of needing to be near home until my medical procedures are further along in recovery, I will not be going.  In addition, my husband is having knee replacement surgery in early April, which will keep me home for sure even after I might be able to travel.  

I am going to miss my spring visit to my Mom's and our annual week-long cardmaking retreat to the Mt. Shasta area with Mom and my sister, which is usually planned for early April.  The week is always filled with cardmaking, laughter, and fun.  My Mom sent me this "missing you/ feel better" card with a touch of vintage to let me know she was missing me already, and a note inside for a speedy recovery.  

Thank you, Mom, for the cheery little "Miss You" card and your message.  I miss you too!  If it weren't so darn hot during the summer in the Redding area, I would make a summer visit.  Unfortunately, my thick northwest blood doesn't work well in the heat, and the air conditioning is just not cold enough for me or everyone else is putting on coats!

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