Friday, February 20, 2015

Still a Bit Under the Weather!

I still have not been at my crafting table this month!  I think the anesthesia from my bone graft wiped out my energy and my mojo, so I'm still missing in action.  I now have missed not only Valentine cards for my family, but several birthdays and a few get well cards as well!  

I received several cards from dear friends and family members wishing me well, and among them I received a second handmade card from another cardmaking buddy.  I'm not sure how she found time to get to her craft table with all that has been going on in her life, but she is always so thoughtful.

Sandy's card immediately made me think of that very busy cardmaking person burning the midnight oil to get my get well card finished and sent on its way.  

Thank you, Sandy, you are such a dear friend, and your card and message gave me just the right-sized smile right away.  Good thing for you that my face was finally feeling up to smiling a bit, or I might not have been so happy to get it!  LOL  

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