Monday, October 5, 2015

Halloween Wreath. . .Let's Try It Again!

Back in August, I tried my first Deco Mesh wreath, making a Seahawks wreath for myself and my daughter-in-law's birthday.  My son, Mark, is an avid fan and Ginger has become one as well.  Because her birthday falls just prior to football pre-season, she was selected to receive the prized Seahawks wreath!

Well, I'm at it again.  While browsing through Michael's Craft store one day in September, my daughter, Michele, and I saw some darling Halloween items that we thought would make a great Deco Mesh wreath.  We were sold immediately. . . let's do it again!  We purchased on the supplies, but of course, all the other craft stores had to be visited to make sure we got just the right items.  Don't you hate it when you stop short, thinking you have everything you want or need and later find something you loved even better at another store but missed out on it.  Well, not Carlene. . . she doesn't stop until all possibilities have been addressed!

We so loved our Seahawks wreath and I have now made a total of four all together, so our methods have been honed and perfected more and more each time we've made a new wreath.  This time we were sure we wouldn't have to revisited craft stores making numerous returns of things we didn't need or want like we did when we made the Seahawks wreaths.  We've even shaved off about four hours of labor time as well!  Our first wreath took us over 12 hours to make since we were really in the learning curve.  I found by the time I made my fourth Seahawks wreath, I was down to eight hours.  Now, Michele is faster than I am, so she can probably finish in not more than seven hours.  They are time consuming and parts become a bit tedious, but oh the result is so worth it!  Michele and I made one together for sister, Jackie's new door.  Take a peek at mine. . .Halloween, here we come!

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