Saturday, February 20, 2016

Throwback Christmas 2009!

I thought I would post some of the Christmas cards I have made in past years that I have never posted to my blog.  Some of them are cased cards with little modifications, some are cased with lots of modifications, and some are of my own design. 

I remember thinking when I first started making cards that I really didn't like little A2-sized cards as they looked more like a note card and usually "nice" card were much bigger.  So, if I was going to take all the time and effort to make a card, I wanted it to be viewed as a "nice" card; thus, it had to be larger.  So, it seems that every time I looked at a card design, I always looked at it through that lens, and even to this day, I still find myself using that lens.  I now realize that what I really are different colors, patterns, and layers, and the size doesn't always matter.  Therefore, I find myself modifying a design that I actually really like, by adding layers, which often increases the size of the card as well. 


I guess in introducing throwback cards, the best place to start is at the beginning. . .so with that said, the following card is one I cased just a few months after I started making cards in late 2009, and I then modified and enlarged it.  I remember thinking:  I'll never be able to design and come up with my own cards from scratch!  It's just so difficult to pick all the right papers to coordinate with one another, and then figure out what embellishments look best!  The card on the left is my cased and modified card, and the card on the right is the original card:


              (cased by Carlene Prichard)           (original design by Angela Kelley)
                        Size: 5-1/2" x 7"

You will note that I used the background paper of the original card as a smaller layer on the larger SU Chocolate Chip carstock card base.  I distressed all my edge, rounded some corners, offset my sentiment label to right of center, and added a larger white satin ribbon with a brown velvet ribbon.  It does give the card an entirely different look.

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