Thursday, February 18, 2016

Valentine Wreath for My Door!

If you view and/or read my blog, you will have seen that I am now into making Deco Mesh wreaths for the holiday to decorate my door.  My first wreath is near and dear to my heart because it is a Seahawks wreath.  I have now made four of these:  one for my son & daughter-in-law, one for a cardmaking buddy's birthday, and one for my son's girl friend's birthday (an avid fan as well).  Here is a link to that project: 

My second project was loads of fun. . . I so love Halloween!  I love to make Halloween cards and I love all the fun decorations.  When the children were growing up, my oldest son and I fashion gravestones for the front yards out of tombstone shaped outdoor plywood, painted them gray and used one of those huge permanent black markers to assign them to clever characters for our lawn.  We, of course, had cobwebs and eerie music to fill the area surrounding the house.   Our house was the talk of the neighborhood.  As soon as I saw all the Halloween goodies in the stores, we had to get started on our next wreath project. .  .for Halloween!  Here is a link to that project:

Now, we are onto Valentine's Day, which is soon to arrive.  Since Michele and I were not able to get together to get much shopping done, except for our Deco Mesh itself, I went out by myself to find embellishments to finish up our wreaths with a flair.  I found it really difficult by myself to choose as I really didn't know what Michelle would like or not, so of course, I over shopped and that means we spent another whole evening later making numerous returns before February 14th as many stores do not take back seasonal items at all after the season has passed, even with a receipt!  But, with all that said, I still have to say, we were very pleased with the way our wreaths turned out.  I made mine with more of a focus on red, and she used a raspberry pouf in her base; therefore, hers ended up with more of a pink-toned focus.  Take a peek below at my finished project, which is gracing my front door:

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