Friday, March 4, 2016

Coloring Manifesto!

I got involved in coloring early on in my cardmaking venture.  I actually have had several posts on my introduction to coloring over the years.  Here is a link to my very first post with samples of what I did:

I have to admit that I found coloring a scary proposition to even get myself to where I was willing to try my hand at it.  After my introduction to coloring using woodless-colored pencils, set with mineral spirits, I graduated, several years ago now, to using Copic Markers.  I have tried several other coloring methods, but I have to say Copics are my favorite coloring tool!   I am posting a Coloring Manifesto that I recently came across, which I wish I had seen early on to give me the courage to start coloring even earlier than I did.

So, you can do it yourself!  But if you need moral support and a helping hand, there are scrapbook stores around that give classes to help you get started like I did.  I was fortunate that I had a sister who ran a scrapbook store at that time and was well versed in coloring (and painting).  She was also a GREAT teacher, because, after all, that is what she actually is.. . .a GREAT teacher, who encourages and gives her students the confidence to persevere!   So, I give thanks to my sister, Heidi Gonzales (My Lil' Scrap Corner), for bolstering my courage just to get started!

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