Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Easter Greetings From My Doorstep to Yours!

I've been at it again. . .wreathmaking!  Several a few weeks ago, I still had my Valentine wreath on my door. . .and being sick, I had no inclination to remove it!  Well, last weekend, my wreathmaking pal, and daughter, came over to help me measure and cut ribbon and deco mesh so that I could get my Easter wreath completed. . .after all, such a disgrace, a Valentine wreath still on my door two weeks after the holiday was over!  I jest, because I thank her immensely for helping me with the "grunt" work and giving me company and encouragement in order to finish my Easter wreath and, at the same time, to become un-disgraced!

I was so glad that I had purchased all my Easter embellishment ingredients at the same time that I shopped for my Valentine wreath embellishments very early in February.  It not only helped get my Easter project done sooner, but also helped because I wasn't feeling too energetic while still overcoming the tiredness that lingered well after the flu.  If I had to go shopping for Easter embellishments before I could finished, my wreath may never have been completed before the upcoming holiday.

With all that said, I want to share my little Easter bunny wreath.  She sits very prettily on my door as we speak!

Recipe:  Deco Mesh: 21" White & Turquoise Metallic (Michaels).  Deco Mesh: 10" Metallic: Lime, Yellow, Lavendar, Medium Pink, White (JoAnns).  Deco Mesh: 12" Lt. Blue Metallic (Michaels).  Hobby Lobby: bunny, carrots, egg wire ribbon, large eggs.  JoAnns: small bunnies, tiny eggs (basket).  Michaels: small multi-colored eggs.  Stash: wire ribbons-yellow daisy, plaid, tulips (from Costco), mini basket.

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