Friday, September 23, 2011

Birthday 2011: The Boy is Four!

On my spring visit to California, my little nephew always has his birthday.  It gives me a really good excuse to make a little boy card!  Parker loves to go out with his Dad or Grandpa on the huge lake on far from their home.  All the men in that family are huge fishermen.  Dad and Grandpa even travel to entry fishing competitions. . .and since Parker has already started fishing with his junior pole, I have a feeling that he will soon be entering contests as well.  Most of their fishing is "catch and release," but occasion when they'd like a little trout for dinner and it's not a contest, they keep a few.

I didn't have a fishing-type boat, but I thought Parker would enjoy the little sailboat that I could make with my Sizzilit die.  I remembered the paper with the schools of fish and my "Catch a Wave" border die.  I only had a few hours to make this card, because his birthday party was shortly after I arrived.  For such a short time, when my scrapbooking stuff was barely unpacked, it had to be simple, but I think it turned out just fine!  I hope Parker will enjoy his little card with his movies gift certificate.

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