Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Confirmation Congratulation: Spring 2011

A person very dear to me was confirmed in her faith in Spring 2011 and asked me to be her sponsor.  I was delighted to do that for her.  Of course, since she is an adult, I will not have as many duties to perform as I would if it were a teenager, but I am there if she needs to talk about religion, etc.  I did attend the classes with her for six months almost every Monday night.  That was actually uplifting for me, and I enjoyed learning things I had either forgotten I learned as a youth or maybe never learned 40 or more years ago!

I wanted to make her a special card and give her a special gift to celebrate the occasion.  I found a lovely cross with petite diamonds embedded and that gave me inspiration of how I wanted her card to look.  It's almost like a card that could be used for a wedding because it is pale tan and white with a bit of cream as well.  

Following is the little verse that I composed that I thought was perfect for the occasion.  I hope this lovely person enjoys both her card and meaning behind the verse.  I'm sure she will!

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