Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun in 2012 - A Family Scrapping Retreat

We had the very best time!  Ladies in the family took a week-long papercrafting retreat to a wonderful vacation rental in northern California.  The house to aptly named, "Trout House!"  All of the furnishings and decor are a fishing motif, right down to the wicker fishing basket on the back of the toilet with the bear peeking out in the midst of lotions and shampoos!  Here is a look at what is becoming a ladies favorite for a little rest and relaxation while we indulge in our favorite hobby...cardmaking!   Of course, we have to move a bit of furniture to set up our cropping tables, but it doesn't take away from the cute decor, the rushing river sounds below the backyard embankment, the train whistles across the river bed below, the chirping birds, or pitter-patter of squirrels moving about in the trees!

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