Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sister-in-Law Birthdays in October 2012!

Yes, you can believe it...TWO of my husband's sisters have birthdays in October and only one day apart, but several years between!  I so love fall cards, and I am thankful that I have a reason to make cards for this season as I do not send them for Thanksgiving!  I made the following two cards from a card kit designed by my sister, Heidi Gonzales (  Heidi is a wonderful teacher, as she lets her "students" tweak and personalize their cards to fit personal preferences.  This first card became a square rather than a rectangle by enlarging it and adding a cream edge and ribbon embellishment.  The front sentiment has been changed to fit a birthday greeting.  I decorated the inside to coordinate with the front and added a personal verse or poem using my computer.  I hope my sister-in-law, June, likes her card.  Her birthday is special, because she shares the same birth date as my son, Mark!

And, the inside verse:

Happy birthday June...hope your day is very special!

Next is Judy's day later!  Again, I was able to use a fall card from the kit Heidi Gonzales designed!  I only tweaked the size, making the card square instead of rectangle, and changed the front sentiment to fit a birthday.  The card's design remains true to the original...such a wonderful design!  Once again, I decorated the inside to coordinate with the front, adding a personalized verse.

And, its inside verse:

Happy birthday Judy...I hope your day is wonderful!

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