Monday, October 8, 2012

Motorcycle Man for a BIG 2012 Birthday!

Our youngest son, Mark, has always loved to ride motorcycles since he got on a bike with his Dad as a very young boy.  By the time he was eight years old, Dad had bought him a small motorcycle that he loved to ride around and around our shy-acre yard.  He so loved the feel of the wind on his face as he zoomed every which direction on the property! (Note:  It kind of scared the heck out of me!)  He progressed to dirt-bike riding as a teenager and has been going strong every since.  

On that note and for his 30th birthday, I thought it appropriate to make a birthday card depicting this major hobby in his life.  Mark recently replaced his old dirt bike with a bright red-orange one.  I found a cartoon digi image that almost looks just like Mark's tall, lanky, 6 ft. 2 in. frame jumping on his bike to go for a fast ride!  I didn't like the way he was facing, so I flipped the digi on my computer before re-sizing and printing to get started.  Copic markers helped bring the whole image to life!  As I finished putting it together, my first looked said, "Darn! Why didn't I stitched the outer plaid paper edge with my sewing machine...I think it would have added a lot to the look of the finished card, but I just wasn't willing to take it all apart to get down to what should have been Step 1...LOL!!!   I hope Mark likes his is so him!

Happy Birthday Mark!  Enjoy your day!

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